The Counterintuitive Secret to Shipping Better Articles Faster

Resources from My Talk at Hashnode Bootcamp

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Hey there! Thanks for joining me for my talk The Counterintuitive Secret to Shipping Better Articles Faster. Here is the latest version of the slides.

You can watch the video here:

I've also got a bunch of resources to help you in your content creation journey:

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Good luck on your content creation journey!

Catalin Pit's photo

Really good talk. I enjoyed it a lot! Thank you! 🙌

Paidamoyo "MYLES" Azehko's photo

I just started my "100 Days of Joy" challenge (my version of #100DaysOfCode, and your talk really sealed my commitment to these 100 Days.

I hope to get a lot more practice with the "Today I Learned" system that you also mentioned.

I look forward to buying your "Getting Started in Developer Relations" book as well.

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